Scotland Prison Population Falls for Third Year

There were 7,576 people locked up in Scottish jails during 2013/2014, according to statistics released by the Scottish Government. Hailed as “good news” by prison authorities, Emergency Lawyers investigates what this means for Scotland. The recent three-year picture is positive … Continued

A Fall in Football Hate Crimes

  Over the past 12 months, the number of recorded sectarian incidents at football matches has dropped by 40%, according to statistics from the Crown Office. The fall in the number of incidents follows the introduction of legislation in 2012 … Continued

Children and Young People Bill Backlash

Background Scottish Parliament passed the wide-ranging Children and Young People (Scotland) Bill earlier this year. The bill passed with a massive majority; out of 129 MSPs, 103 voted for the bill and 15 abstained. Despite such parliamentary approval, the bill … Continued

Dundee’s Courts

At Emergency Lawyers we know that attending court can be a stressful experience. To try and ease your nerves as much possible we have created guides to all of Scotland’s courts. These cover how to get there, what to expect … Continued

‘Andrew’s Law’ Takes Step Forward

  Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill announced plans to introduce licensing laws for air guns late last month. The announcement follows from a consultation carried out by the Scottish Government in 2012 concerning the views of the public on air powered … Continued

Assisted Suicide (Scotland) Bill

Today a petition signed by 2,500 people was presented to the Scottish Parliament, urging MSPs to support the Assisted Suicide (Scotland) Bill. The petition was prepared by the My Life, My Death, My Choice campaign, which launched at the beginning … Continued

Aberdeen’s Courts

If you have been hit with a criminal charge and have been told to appear in court, you might feel completely out of your depth. In fact, no matter why you are going to court, we expect you will be … Continued

Clare’s Law in Scotland

First Minister Alex Salmond recently announced he would pilot a Scottish version of Clare’s Law, following an appeal from Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson and a proposal by Police Scotland Chief Constable Stephen House. In February 2009, Clare Wood, a … Continued

Corroboration on Ice

Justice secretary Kenny MacAskill has shelved plans to scrap Scotland’s centuries-old principle of corroboration. With the ancient cornerstone of Scots Law safe for now, let’s take a look at what it is and why it’s important. What is corroboration? Under … Continued